Year 2022, NOVEMBER

Hello again, our dear “Monthly News“readers, 

During this wonderful last month of autumn, we tried to do as much as possible and participated in all the events we could.

One Wednesday this month, in commemoration of the International Day of Tolerance, our school community joined the initiative „Tolerance House” in which the Students‘ Parliament invited all school students to join the „Let‘s Surprise Each Other” initiative.

There was a real  „House of Tolerance” in the school foyer where students could put letters, messages, or surprises to  specific members of the school community, thus thanking, encouraging, or motivating him/her. Later, the letters were collected and distributed to pleasantly surprised community members.

On November the 14th our school students visited the vocational school and got acquainted with the professions of a cook, a tailor, a decorator, and a vehicle repairer all of which can be acquired there.  The advantages of studying at the vocational school also include the perfect opportunity to join sushi making or surface tiling modules while still studying in the 11th-12th grade.

In addition, in the vocational school located in Marijampolė, high school students inspected and tested a variety of equipment needed for the practical training of workers in agricultural technologies, road construction and repair, and transport sectors.

A couple of weeks ago Eimantas Botyrius (consultant about addictions) visited our school. In a cozy circle of eager listeners, discussions were held on current burning topics, and problems of concern to high school students, which are often determined by emotions and feelings.

The event „Šokis kitaip…” („Dance differently…“) was held in the gymnasium in November. The event brought together first-graders for an unconventional lesson. Here, the students enjoyed a rare opportunity to learn to dance traditional folk dances.

High school students have also participated in the Social sciences competition „Gamtukai – 2022” during which schoolchildren answered various questions about biology, chemistry, mathematics, and informatics. Everything was performed in a cheerful mood.

In our school, the conference organized by the Vilkaviškis students‘ parliament „Išdrįsk spindėti ryškiau už kitus” was held last month. The participants had a great opportunity to get to know other students and try themselves in various work groups. We received  numerous unique ideas, necessary knowledge and improved our general competencies. 

During the conference, students discussed the benefits of volunteering, representation in schools, and recommendations for improving the emotional environment in schools.

To cut a long story short, we had countless wonderful experiences during November, a lot of events took place in our school. Undoubtedly, we participated everywhere we could and we will not stop doing that!

Anyways, we hope that the Christmas spirit will make the month of December even more beautiful and appealing.

 Rokas Vizbaras, Martynas Petrulis, Matas Rudzevičius, class IB