Year 2022, OCTOBER

Hello our dear “Monthly News“readers,

During this pumpkin-scented October we participated in every event we possibly could. So in this article we can’t put every detail of what we’ve done, but we‘ll describe some of the adventures we had.

To start, “Aušros“ day included countless fascinating activities. For example, on this day freshners (first formers) could show their best in the amazing babtising event. New students created and showed their stunning presentations and performed exciting but sometimes difficult second-graders‘ tasks.

After taking their oath everyone went to watch baskelball matches which were extremely intriguing and unrepeatable because (hands down!) players really set fire in the basketball court. Sadly, you can’t experience the atmoshere like that every day…

Undoubtedly, we didn’t forget to show our greatest respect to the teachers this month. The Teacher’s day was celebrated, during which teachers could get to know France more closely as they took part in specially prepared events and trips about the country. Also, during the first lesson our dear teachers could relax and taste fresh croissants with coffee. While they were resting, our brilliant students conducted the lessons.

For the greatest satisfaction and joy of students, chemistry and biology teachers a new laboratory has been already installed on the third floor! We will be doing scientific researches now and maybe even find effective cures for deadly illnesses and diseases…

However, there was a problem with the sofas on the third floor. In fact, teachers used to complain that the students resting on the sofas during the lessons made too much noise not allowing others to concentrate on the tasks. For this reason, soft sofas were taken away and hard wooden benches took their place. What will happen next , remains unknown.

To tell the truth, we are a bit envious as we could not participate in all the excursions to different famous places and attractions organized by various class teachers and administration. We are perfectly certain that the Erasmus + projects where goups of our students learnt about critical thinking and “Race to Employment“ must have been absolutely amazing!

In a nutshell, October at school was full of excitement, interesting events and life was simply boiling! Let’s hope that November will be just similarly joyful and lively.

Milda Ramanauskaitė, Gustė Ramanauskaitė and Milda Vizgirdaitė., class IB