Year 2022, SEPTEMBER. New School Year Means “New Adventures“

The first month back at school was simply bursting with various activities during which we got a perfect chance to learn moreabout sports, design and music.

“Wardrobe stories“ was one of the several events meant for the school’s first-year students. This lecture demonstrated the importance and significance of suitable dressingand encouraged students to wear uniforms. Later, the school‘s administration informed us about stricter rules for wearing it.

The sunny autumn month saw us ejoying different active types of sports and games. A pleasant surpise: there were special activities for first formersand football match organized.

In the jazz lecture participantsnot only could dive into thedepths of incredible music sounds but also discover more intriguing facts about the music style.Did you know that jazz heart is The Big Easy?

The European Day of Languages is a celebration of the rich tapestry of languages which make our continent so special. That day at school pleasantly surprised us by the incredible variety of words, songs, poems and speeches performed in different European languages both by students and teachers!

Also, on that day we first met Julija and Ana- volunteers from the USA and Sakartvelo.

Septemberwas an amazingly good introduction to the new school year. We hope that the coming months will be as interesting as this one was.

Milda Ramanauskaitė, Gustė Ramanauskaitė ir Milda Vizgirdaitė, class IB