Year 2023, FEBRUARY

Dear Readers,

Have You noticed that there were so many interesting events at our school in February?

As well as in several educational events, we also participated in those that included moving your body.

Education wise, there was a travel to the Book Fair in Vilnius organize where both sudents and teachers had a chance to meet their favorite writers and some even got their autographs!

There were also a lot of lectures on what to do when you grow up. So this month had a lot of sport events there were six tournaments in total three of them were volleyball and the other were basketball. In the volleyball tournaments both guys and girls team manage to win first place against the regions. There were also tournaments between the eleventh classes the class IIIA became the winners. Going to the basketball news there were tournaments between the ninth classes and the class 1a won easily. There was also a tournament in Pilviškiai town between the region and our school ‘s team was inferior to others. This month was amazing but we‘re looking forward to the next adventures.

Martynas Petrulis, class IB