Year 2023, JANUARY

A new year, a new exciting journey! After the undoubtedly wonderful Christmas and New Year festivities, it was time to go back to school in a good mood. Dear fellow students, we wish you all a happy New Year!

As always, our school was a hive of amazing activities we enjoyed participating at and we hope it will stay that way throughout the whole year. Some of the most significant activities we were engaged in, was in the morning of the13th of January.

Commemorative candles were lit and burnt for ten minutes in the windows of Vilkaviškis “Aušra” high school as well as many other institutions in the area. The candles were blazing in the „Memories of the Past are Alive and They Witness” campaign for strenghtening citizenship and raising cultural awareness across Lithuania.

In the middleof January, a group of the class IIE attended an interesting project of the LRT public TV “Lithuanian Millennial Children“ twice. The show is a public project to enhance and popularize the reputation of science, knowledge, schools and teachers. The “Lithuanian Millennial Kids Project“ introduces talented, socially-engaged and hard-working students studying in Lithuanian schools.

The opportunity to participate in the competition appeared when Haroldas Mockevičius, a student in the IIE class, was invited to compete against other brightest Lithuanian teenagers. You’ll see Harold in action when you watch the the show on February 5th!

The year 2023 is off to a good start and we hope success will not leave us throughout the year.

Good luck to all and everybody!

Kamilė Viktaravičiūtė, Justė Žamžickaitė , class IB