Year 2023, APRIL

Hello dear “Monthly News” readers,

During the month of April, our school had numerous events, exhibitions, and even trips abroad.

As everybody knows, April is the month of libraries, books, and reading. That‘s why students of our school improved their skills and knowledge with lecturers and specialists who visited the school.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous talented people in our school who create art and sculpture from clay. Therefore, in April, „Aušros” gymnasium had two exhibitions:  An exhibition of paintings called „Atsimerk” by Patricija Brazaitytė, a student from the IC class of our gymnasium and an exhibition of ceramics called „Margos dovanos,” which was contributed to by numerous students of R. Viktažentienė’s ceramics class.

As well as that, last month our gymnasium welcomed famous people, writers, and specialists from various fields. Two writers, Ignė Zarambaitė a writer for children and teenagers, and Karolis Klimas, presented their books.

Artiomas Šabajevas also visited the school and gave a lecture on „Sugar Fireworks” to the students. Former students, Akvilė Raguckaitė and Viktorija Zaveckaitė, came to the gymnasium and talked about their university experiences.

I am thrilled to announce that we have amazing athletes in our gymnasium who bring fame to our school. We thank you: Deima Vaškelyte, Class IA, Mantas Bielskis Class  IC, Gustė Bisikirskaitė and Ayrtonas Katilius Class IC, Titas Dominatis Class IE, Estela Grabauskaitė Class IIA, Gustė Volteraitytė Class IIE and Domas Alaunė Class, IVA.  They represented our school in the district relay race and won the first place!

The school takes students on various excursions as a reward for good academic performance and involvement in the gymnasium’s community activities. One of these trips was to Vilnius. The next trip was to Southern Poland in search of adventure, mountains, and experiences. The students visited Zakopane and Krakow, climbed mountains, visited a salt mine, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, a water park, and other awesome places.

Saulė Vyšniauskaitė, Class IC