Year 2023, MARCH

Hello Dear “Monthly News” readers,

During the first month of spring, our school had many wonderful activities (as always!) such as a volleyball competition, numerous non-traditional and integrated lessons, an educational fair. Our school students participated in various competitions and -of course- the gifted and talented high school students of our school were motivated to continue to achieve excellent results and were invited to exchange the school bench into beautiful and interesting spaces in the city of Vilnius. But read more about each of these activities below.

So, the first day of March the third-graders started very actively, participating in interclass volleyball competition. All teams were awarded medals, so everyone was happy to spend time actively and adventurously.

This month, high school students not only studied subjects in a traditional way, but also had non-traditional lessons. First graders had a non-traditional lesson in physics, during which the guest lecturer presented Japanese culture and technology. During this lesson, they learned incredible facts about Japan, built and programmed robots – sumo wrestlers, and participated in their competitions.

Well, the students of the third and fourth grades had a non-traditional lesson in biology, during which the students were taught to provide help in case of choking, that is, to perform the Heimlich maneuver using a choking demonstration vest. Young people definitely gained a lot of new knowledge during this lesson.

Students also widened their horizons and developed creativity in different integrated lessons. One of the integrated lessons was a drama and Lithuanian language lesson based on the motifs of the author V. Krėvė works. After the performance, the audience and actors discussed with their teachers about the creative process of acting and directing, and sought answers to the questions of what an active audience should be like. The students were happy to have participated in an amazing lesson.

 In March, we developed not only creativity, but also showed our knowledge of economics and entrepreneurship. During the fair, the students who had founded the companies in the gymnasium presented their products or the services they provided to the members of the community who eagerly purchased products or services offered by the companies.

Our high school has a lot of talented and high-achieving students who regularly participate in Olympiads and/or competitions. This month, students also took part in Olympiads, sports competitions and contests, during which they won numerous prizes.

For having achieved excellent results, a goup of students were awarded a special excursion during which they visited the city of Vilnius, the Vilnius City Tower, the House of Signatories, as well as  participated in educational activities. The bravest students viewed the city from a height of 45 meters, others climbed the Gediminas Hill. Full of good emotions and having gained knowledge, new experiences and adventures, they returned home.

 Thus, You must admit that the month of March was packed with exciting activities, new experiences, great results and good emotions! We hope that the month of April will be just as active and full of adventures!

Viktorija Raulinaitytė, class IC