Savanorės Anos laiškas bendruomenei

There is a saying: „The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your contribution. When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically.“ Therefore, Volunteering at Vilkaviškio „Aušros“ gimnazija – the place where it all began – has become one of the „unexpected occasions“ that tends to be the special one. To be honest, volunteering, in general, was a new phenomena that has made me examine some of my aspirations like to experience what it feels like to live on your own, create things that help you represent yourself and contribute to the community unconditionally.

What I mean is that, I have changed, my perspectives have altered, some of my goals have been realized and new ones are shaping for the future. Most importantly, changes happened for my betterment. I used to say „I am a very lost human being, who tries to find her niche in life… “ Now, my answer to that question is that, It is perfectly fine to just give yourself some time, find what makes your soul sparkle and then – take action! 

One also said that „Experiences are children of thoughts, and thoughts are children of actions. In this case, my thought of experiencing volunteering in Lithuania, has turned into exploring my own being, integrating with a new society who have been a crucial part of my journey.

I have learned „Not to take life seriously“ and never miss a chance of obtaining whatever I have yearned for because of my fears or uncertainty. We need to face adversities and new occurrences. Believe me, there will be moments worth living for. 

Volunteering has, indeed, given all of them to a volunteer, surely, in a considerate way. How we respond to complexities represents our identities. And… Dear readers, I wish you the realization of your goals through such sparkly moments of our life.

Lots of sparkles for everyone!

I am FOREVER grateful for the community and incredible students of Vilkaviškio „Aušros“ gimnazija.

With kind regards, Ana.