Monthly news

Year 2023, APRIL

Hello dear “Monthly News” readers,

During the month of April, our school had numerous events, exhibitions, and even trips abroad.

As everybody knows, April is the month of libraries, books, and reading. That‘s why students of our school improved their skills and knowledge with lecturers and specialists who visited the school.

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Year 2023, MARCH

Hello Dear “Monthly News” readers,

During the first month of spring, our school had many wonderful activities (as always!) such as a volleyball competition, numerous non-traditional and integrated lessons, an educational fair. Our school students participated in various competitions and -of course- the gifted and talented high school students of our school were motivated to continue to achieve excellent results and were invited to exchange the school bench into beautiful and interesting spaces in the city of Vilnius.

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Year 2023, JANUARY

A new year, a new exciting journey! After the undoubtedly wonderful Christmas and New Year festivities, it was time to go back to school in a good mood. Dear fellow students, we wish you all a happy New Year!

As always, our school was a hive of amazing activities we enjoyed participating at and we hope it will stay that way throughout the whole year.

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Year 2022, NOVEMBER

Hello again, our dear “Monthly News“readers, 

During this wonderful last month of autumn, we tried to do as much as possible and participated in all the events we could.

One Wednesday this month, in commemoration of the International Day of Tolerance, our school community joined the initiative „Tolerance House” in which the Students‘ Parliament invited all school students to join the „Let‘s Surprise Each Other” initiative.

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Year 2022, OCTOBER

Hello our dear “Monthly News“readers,

During this pumpkin-scented October we participated in every event we possibly could. So in this article we can’t put every detail of what we’ve done, but we‘ll describe some of the adventures we had.

To start, “Aušros“ day included countless fascinating activities.

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